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Last Updated on 28 July 2011


Piraeus never stands still. Every hour of the day, there is something to explore or see. The city's life is flushing and changing from moment to moment. Together with the heritage of a cultural history going back more than 2000 years it is an unique experience. Take some time to go through Piraeus neighborhoods and find out the Cafe culture of Piraeus.

Through its location next to the Saronic Golf,  Piraeus invites you to take advantage of its coast and its three natural harbors. From the main harbor you can find boats connecting Piraeus to all almost Greek islands and many other destinations of the world. Take your time time before leaving Piraeus, look around and you will see that it is not just a  big City. This part of the site will reveal you the various offers of activities you can take advantage of.

Take advantage of the possibility to match your mood and appetite in one of the numerous restaurants and taverns serving international cousine.

Those who want to see more than just Piraeus can rent a car to explore the surrounding. You'll find great rates for rental cars from all leading companies. We suggest you trips and excursions by car, motorbike or coach in & around Piraeus. Whatever you would like to do with your friend, your family or by your self in a loner trip of personal pursuit and contemplation its on you to choose. All this is made by a team of young people, who had lived in Piraeus

Whenever you're ready you can check also for complete vacation packages. This site will provide you all the information necessary in order to have one of the best experiences in your life... so let your soul and spirit free!

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