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Jul 11
Last Updated on 03 August 2011

Revitalize Pireaus

However this land was not completely forgotten. There were at least two failed attempts of creating a new town bringing foreign population: in 1792 by the installation of the Hydraians and, after the breakdown of the Independence Struggle, by the installation of the Psarians in 1825.

So, we have to wait until 1829 when the permanent inhabitation of the area was restarted at the end of the Independence Struggle. But the growing of inhabitants was slowly: there were only 5 at the beginning and between them the famous Yiannakos Tzelepis that gave name to the Tzelepis Promenade.

For curiosity we know that the others were two Yiannakos Tzelepis' brothers and one citizen from Athens Spyridon Diplaris and loannis Katelouzos. As we can image in this time Piraeus was a small town with few houses, something that was very far away its old prosperous life, only some fishermen's huts with a few farm-buildings on its surrounding land, and the Monastery of St. Spyridon in ruins.

While the number of citizens from different parts of Greece was slowly growing from 1830 to 1834, Cleanthes and Schaubert created the town plan of Piraeus, which was approved by the Architect Klenze and the Regent. Unfortunately this great plan was not fulfillment completely because it was revolutionary at its time.

But we have to wait one year 1835 when the Municipality was created after some petitions of the new prosperous bourgeoisie that was being created; at that time Piraeus had 300 inhabitants. At the end of that year the first municipal council swore in the old partly ruined church of St. Spyridon.

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