Jul 11
Last Updated on 27 July 2011


altFor accommodation, Piraeus offers for everybody the location they need. Hotels offer their guests the finest in service and quality while enjoying an array of activities and entertainment for all. Next to the coast it boasts many fine restaurants and bars serving local specialties which include freshly caught seafood. Walk along the coast or take advantage of a lot of different facilities you might be able to explore.

For certain you can find all also in Piraeus apartments serving breakfast and giving you an idea of living Mediterranean in combination with modern spirit of a big city.

Piraeus is a big city and not everyone's taste. But be open minded and explore the city with your own eyes and you will see that Piraeus is not just a big city. Find the beauties Piraeus has to offer and have a pleasant stay in our City. Because of its situation it is offering different accommodation possibilities.

Our office can help you to find the desired accommodation for the best price. Tell us your needs and we will arrange the holiday for you.