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Jul 11
Last Updated on 26 July 2011

Open air rest

In the Antiquity the Temisclotes Wall was an important piece in the defense of the city and it was completed with the defense of the vital connections of Athens and its port through the Long Walls.

The Long Walls of the South followed the actual train line; meanwhile the Piraeus St. that connects Athens with Piraeus follows the North Long Walls from Omonia Sq. to the port.

In Piraeus it is still possible to visit some ruins of this great military defense. Just before the Piraeus subway station near the train line part of the northern circuit has been excavated, where we can visit two old gates with the form of a "diplon", and near the Maritime Museum some remains are easy to see.But it is not the only military defense that has survived inside the city, you can visit too the rests of the Conon's Wall all along the Street of Themistokleus (the tomb of Themistokles is inside the Naval School) and the Eetioneia Gate in the old Kantharos. Also some ship-sheds and arsenals are open to the public in the Zea's port and Mikrolimano.

On other side house fundations have been excavated: courtyard of the University of Piraeus, an archaeological park on the street of Heroon Polytechneion and in the Ralleios plot at Terpsithea, and in the Archaeological Museum the Hellenistic Theatre of Zea.

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