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Last Updated on 12 August 2011

Day Trips

altPireas is not only the most important harbour of Athens, it is much more...
you can choose how to pass your vacation in Pireas. We recommend to visit the three beautiful natural harbours.
Running throughout Piraeus are remnants of the Long Walls. These structures were built to fortify Piraeus' three natural harbors after Themistocles' victory over the Persians at the Battle of Salamis in 480 B.C. In 445 B.C. the walls were extended all the way to Athens. The Long Walls were destroyed after the Peloponnesian Wars but were eventually rebuilt in 394 B.C.

The main harbour of Piraeus Its ancient name was Kantharos is one of the most important in the Mediterranean.
The city itself with its suburbs is an industrial zone of particular importance for the Greek economy, but its centre nevertheless has broad streets, spacious squares, tree-lined avenues, and parks.

Zea now called Pasalimani, is one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean. from Akti Miaouli take the Terpsitheas street and will take you straight to the marina port of Zea.This is the area where some of the most impressive yachts and cruisers in Greece are moored. The coastline is full of restaurants, tavernas, bars, big department stores and a Cosmopolitan atmosphere makes Passalimani the must go area of Piraeus. You can find also shops catering for the needs of yachtsmen. This is also where you will find the Flying Dolphins (hovercrafts) if you want to go to the Saronic Gulf islands.

Walking all the way around Zea to the west you get to Piraiki the place with a lot of Fish taverns,ouzeri cafes and bars where you can enjoy fresh fish grilled octopus and ouzo the famous greek aperitif at the sea front over viewing the Saronic gulf and the islands of Salamis and Aegina .Best time to go at the sunset ,an unforgettable experience.

Munichia, also known as Mikrolimano or Tourkolimano the second Yacht marina of the big port
its once protected by the goddess Mounichia Artemis is today a popular hang-out for tourists with yachts and fishing-boats, with lots of fish restaurants and 15 minutes walk to the Stadium of Peace and Friendship in Faliro.

Kastella Above Mikrolimano built on a hill which much mentioned in popular song is also known as Prophetis Elias, Kastella is Piraeus' most fashionable neighbourhood. If you walk towards the top of the hill you will find yourselves in narrow streets surrounded by picturesque houses.with the Veakeio Theatre, well known for its summer performances nearby. The view of the central harbour, Zea and Mikrolimano, from here Is unique.

Not to lose is the Monastiraki of Piraes, A flea market like the Athenian one of Monastiraki. One can find real bargains here. It takes place every Sunday on Dragatsaniou and Mavromichali Streets.