Jul 11
Last Updated on 20 July 2011

Macedonia The Decline

Piraeus enjoyed a prosperous life during the "Golden Century". But it also suffered the first breakdown during the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC); after this, Piraeus wasn't able to compete with the prosperous Rhodes that controlled the commerce. Although, it recovered its old prosperous life for a short period after the reestablishment of the Democracy (403 BC).

This (the Democracy) started here, in the hill of Munychia, by the efforts of Thrasybulus. After this new period, the declined started slowly but without stopping, following the decline of Athens. It was even worst since the Macedonian era to the final destruction with the Roman invaders and his leader Sylla in 85 BC. After this, only few inhabitants remained in the vicinity of the harbour. For example, with the Romans the habitations were confined to the main harbour.