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Jul 11
Last Updated on 20 September 2011

Municipal Theater

A small deviation toward the city center will allow you to go shopping and spend some time in some of the Piraeus' Cafeterias. Especially nice is the area around Korai Sq.: There are a lot of Cafeterias to choose and there it's located the Municipal Theater in one of the most wonderful public buildings of Piraeus.

Korai Sq. is the main square of Piraeus and the Municipal Theater dominates it. This building follows the designs (1881-1883) of the architect Ioannis Lazarimos, the construction started in 1884 and finished in 1895. The result is a public Theater where the influences that came from France 'Majestic French Theatre' ('Theatre d' Odeon', Paris) and Germany 'German classicism' are mixed but in a more unadorned style. It maintains its original form with only a few alterations and, despite being damage during the earthquakes of 1981, a recent restoration has given it back to its original state.

The building is a perfectly symmetric and rectangular edifice with dimensions of 34 x 45 meters with one main facade, which is decorated by four Corinthian style columns and a pediment in its entrance. Above the chamber there is a rectangular elevated frame that also ends to a pedimental crowning.

The horseshoe shaped hall has an Italian style, with a parterre, galleries and circles on four levels, its total capacity is 1.300 seats and the stage's dimensions are bigger than others neoclassical theaters (width 20.30 m., length 16.15 m., height 30 m.).

The theater's foyer, which is two stories high and embraces the semi-circular hall, was used as a dance hall for charity organizations and later it was developed to a hall for exhibitions and lectures. Nowadays it has been hosting some of the most eminent Greek and foreign theater companies, with their lyric and dramatic repertoires, and a great number of dance groups, music and chorus ensembles, etc year after year.

The building also houses the History Archives of the City of Piraeus (tel.: 4128481),
the P. Aravantinos Museum of Stage Designing (Mondays: 15.00-20.00 and Tue. -Fri. 8.00-14.00, Fare: FREE, tel.: 4122339) and some shops in the ground floor.

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