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Last Updated on 22 September 2011



The word "Poros" means strip of sea and it is formed by two islands separated by a small canal, the distance to the continent is actually 300 metres and you can comfortably cross to the continent in 3 minutes, the town in front of it is named Galata, using one taxi-ship. But if we believe Pausanias the distance between Poros and the continet was even smaller in the Antiquity when you could even walk to cross to the continent.


The Poseidon Sanctuary was founded in the 4th century close to an old Micenic City. It was the placed chose by the famous speaker Demostenes to hide himself when he was escaping from the Macedonians, unfortunately he was found and there he poisoned himself. During the 17th century it was the most important naval center of the region


From the Piraeus there are five ferries departures each day in high season to Poros, one stop in the line until Hydra. It will take two hours and a half. On other hand, you can take one of the seven Flying Dolphins to go, reaching the island in half time. Also from Poros is easy to cross to the near Galata in the continent, you only have to take one of the several taxi-ships.


As the most part of the Saronic Islands this island is too ideal to escape from Athens. You can come here in one-day-excursion to relax a bit or you can choose it as the ideal departure point of some excursions to the close Peloponnesian and the rest of the Aegean Islands.


The Poseidon Sanctuary is not well preserved; anyway it is worthy to scale to its settlement only for the wonderful view.

Another attraction of the island is the Zoodochos Pigis Monastery. It is on the Northeast of the town and you can take a bus (each 30 minutes) to go there. It has dress rules and it is opened from 7 to 19.

Of course, once one is in Poros it is almost impossible to avoid wandering in the old town. Relax a bit in one typical taverna and continue wandering is our special advice.

"The island revolves in cubistic planes, one of walls and windows, one of rocks and goats, one of stiffblown trees and shrubs and so on. Yonder, where the mainland curves like a whip, lie the wild lemon groves and there in the spring young and old go mad from the fragrance of sap and blossom. You enter the harbor of Poros swaying and swirling, a gentle idiot tossed about admidst masts and nets in a world which only the painter knows. To sail slowly through the streets of Poros is to recapture the joy of passing through the neck of the womb. It is a joy too deep almost to be remembered."

Henry Miller-The Collossus of Marousi