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Hydra Port

Hydra's port has its own charm and maybe it  worths itself one visit, because Hydra is one of the most beautiful port villages in Greece. Inside its form of an Amphitheatre a whole spectrum of life can be found: restaurants, cafeterias, shops, the local donkeys-taxis… join to architecture of impressive 19th century stone houses. These houses are the perfect scenery for the port island's life. Between the most surprising old mansions are the ones built by the Voulgaris, Koundouriotis (now a museum of the War of the Independence) and Tombazis (this last is a hostel for students from the Athens School of Fine Arts)

Hydra City

Three are the main streets, as it is usual in a village port all of them ended in the port. The first one, once one has got off the ferry, is Tombazi, close to the donkeys' stop, next to the Monastery of the Panagias is Mialouli Str., and the last one is Lignou that communicates the Port with the village of Kamini. Our advice is to get lost wandering through these back streets without being worried. As you wander to recover the original destiny, we are sure that it is when you suddenly discovered a surprising Hydra's side far away of the one most touristic of the port.

Monastery of the Panagia

The Monastery of the Panagia with the clock tower is in the port. Although the monk's cells now are use for more superficial intentions as municipal offices, it worth's a visit because you can visit the church, the marble yard and a small museum.


1. One excursion following the west route will take us to Kamini after walking 15 minutes. If you fell like the route continue until another settlement, Vlichos, and after here you can find Molos, and the path finished in the bay of Agios Nikolaos or you can go up to Episkopi from Molos. It is possible to return by water-taxi or we can follow an interior route that allows us to visit the Haghia Marina Chapel and the ruined Monastery of Haghia Irini.

2. Another possibility is following the opposite direction. Walking towards the east we can find the private Mandraki beach with some water sports facilities.

3. The interior of this island offers a lot of opportunities of enjoyment. The most famous route is the one that leads to the Monastery of Profiti Illias. This monastery was founded in the 19th century and it is located in a beautiful natural scenario. It will take one hour to reach it but we encourage to try it. But, this is not the only Monastery in this island. Hydra is full of Monasteries (Agia Matrona and Agia Triada ) and churches so it is worthy to enjoy the inner landscapes.

4. In case you have a boat another interesting opportunity that you shouldn't lose is to visit the east coast that is full of stunning coves.

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