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Aegina is a beautiful island where the history, a lot of archaeological places are available to an visitor interested in history, and beautiful landscapes ready to relax us enjoying them are joined.In the Mythology Aigina, who was Asopos' daughter, was kidnapped by Zeus and he brought her to this desert island where he inseminated Aiakos, who became one of the three judges of the underworld.

Today Aegina is no longer a desert island, because the tourism is one of the main incomes of the islanders. It is only 17,5 nautical miles from Piraeus and that makes it so appealing to the national tourism as well as international. Inside its 84 sq. km. there are incredible landscapes waiting to the visitors and a beautiful coast, so it is a really worthy touristic destiny.

Beside a tourist island Aegina is famous for being the Pistachio's Capital. This Pistachio nut was introduced from Syria 100 years ago and it has proved to be a real success in this rich earth and climate. Others products of agriculture and the fishing activity complete the islanders' economy. Of course without forgetting that the Aegina's port is the second busiest port in Greece after Piraeus.

This island is so close Piraeus that all seasons can be visited without problems. That's good but don't be surprised if you don't feel alone in summer. Some places like Aghia Marina with its famous beach should be avoided if you love the loneliness. Anyway, off the beaten track a lot of surprising places, quieter than the touristic, can be found even during this crowded months. Maybe the only thing you need to enjoy them is renting a motorbike and then explore yourself. Our advice is to be away the most touristic points in the summer and some weekends, because this island is so near the capital that a lot of Athenians have here their second home. In fact Aegina is the most comfortable option of all the Saronic Islands because it is the nearest to Pireaus by ship, but not only that it is really a beautiful island.

So as to arrive to Aegina's port we can take the ferry or the Flying Dolphin in Piraeus. It is the nearest trip from Piraeus, so even the slowest option is not going to take long time, less than one hour and a half (45 minutes by the Flying Dolphin). Of course, it is the island with the highest rate of ferries, so going it is not a problem.

Once you are in the Island renting a motorbike or bicycle can be the greatest option to visit the island on your own. Although, the public transport can be used as well as the taxis. The buses leave from the statue of Kapodistrias, at the north of main quay, and you have to be conscious that maybe you have to pass through Aegina's town every time you want to change line because it would be impossible to take a direct bus between some points in the island.

There is no doubt that the most famous beach in Athens is the Aghia Marina's one. But another faster and easier alternative are the both beaches in Aegina Town. Our advice is to walk a bit and avoid the one in the port because it is dirty, and just on the other side of Aegina we can find a better one.

Here are some usefull phone numbers of the Island Aegina*
International code: 0030
Local code: 22970
Health Center: 22222
Police: 27777
Port Police: 22328
Tourist Information: 4199200
Tourist police: 22391
Hotel Association: 22424

*The info displayed may be inaccurate. If changes have been made, please let us know.

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