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Last Updated on 21 July 2011


Communication LTD      
Company of graphic arts, in Piraeus. Information, services. 
URL: http://www.epikinonia.com.gr/

Region: Attiki/Piraeus/D. Piraeus/Kaminia 
Ermis Tourbodiahoristiki LTD        
Company of repairing and supplying  parts of  the superchargers and the separators of the boats; in Piraeus. Information, products, services.
URL: http://www.hermes-group.gr/

Region: Attjki/Piraeus/D. Keratsini  
Jeropoylos -shipping Agencies       
Company of the marine, road and air transport in Piraeus. Information, custom clearances, storages of merchandises, collaborators. 
URL: http://www.jeropoulos.com/

Region: Attjki/Piraeus/D. Piraeus/Freattyda
Kalpjnis - Simos AEBE        
Company of manufacturing and marketing  structural materials; in Piraeus. Information, products.

URL: http://www.kalpinis-simos.gr/
Broker's company; in Piraeus. Markets and sales of real estates, estimates.

URL: http://www.ktimatopigi.gr/
Mpjkos - Djokara'ntos Antonis        
Commercial and constructional company in Piraeus. Blocks of flats, rural and urban plots, specialisation in traditional systems of layout.

URL: http://www.diokarantos.gr/
Pejrajko Brokers      
Broker's company; in Piraeus. Sale, renting, market, loans, estimating of real estates.

URL: http://www.piraiko.gr
Flags Zissis        
Company of manufacturing flags of the states, for sea and signals of the naval code; in Piraeus. Information, products, communication.

URL: http://www.flags.gr/
Fjlintra - D. Panoysopoylos      
Uniforms, costumes and accessories for the commercial navy, the harbor, the coast guard and shipping companies; in Piraeus. Information, products, orders on-line.
URL: http://www.filindra.gr/

Region: Attjki/Piraeus/D. Piraeus/ Pejrajki 
Epsilon Hellas      
Advising Company for manning, education and administration of payments of boats; in Piraeus. Information, services.

URL: http://www.epsilonhellas.com/
Equipnet - Mechanical Applications LTD     
Technical and commercial company of mechanical applications and equipment for laboratorial and industrial spaces; in Piraeus. Information, products, customers. 
URL: http://www.equipnet.gr/

Region: Attjki/Piraeus/D. Keratsini  
Hellas Internet      
Company for the benefit of the services in the space of Internet; with the seat Piraeus. Information, communication.

URL: http://www.hellasinternet.com/
Micro Accountants      
Company of advisers, accountant, tax consulting office; in Piraeus. 
URL: http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/maikroacc/

Piraeus. Information, services, types of real estates, communication. 
URL: http://www.ORIENT-realty.com/

Piston Rings Sakellaropoulos         
Company of manufacturing  springs for industrial use; in Piraeus. Information, products. 
URL: http://www.s-ps.gr/

Salesins LTD         
Actuarial company; in Piraeus. Information, sectors of insurance, customers, places of work.  
URL: http://www.salesins.gr/

VIP Cruises SA        
Company of renting ships for recreation and cruises; in Piraeus. Information, ships, services 
URL: http://www.vip-cruises.gr/
Region: Attjki/Piraeus/D. Piraeus /Pasaljmanj

Zinan & Gam        
Advertising company in Piraeus. Information, provided services. 
URL: http://zinangam.tripod.com/

Afoj Koympjadi         
Company in Piraeus. Information, services, parts, customers
URL: http://www.koumbiadis.com/

Aronis Transit        
Company of supplying boats; in Piraeus. Information, services. 
URL: http://www.aronis-transit.gr/

International figurative company with the seat in Piraeus. Information, products.
URL: http://www.ats.gr/

BM Underwater        
Naval and technical company, in Piraeus. Information, services, work.  
URL: http://www.bmunderwater.com/
Region: Attjki/Piraeus/D. Piraeus/Kastela

Company of supplying boats with fuel with the seat in Piraeus. Information, services, subsidiary companies in the world.
URL: http://www.bmsgr.gr/

Corner Shipping        
Shipping company in Piraeus. Information, services, communication. 
URL: http://www.corner-shipping.gr/

D.C.S.International Ltd.      
Company of manufacturing instruments for the equipment of the boats and the ships; in Piraeus. Information, products.  
URL: http://www.dcsi.gr/
Region: Attjki/Piraeus/D. Piraeus/Pejrajaiki

DeSanne' s Group of Companies        
Shipping company with main seat in the USA and with offices in Piraeus. Services (transport, personal) and collaborating companies. 
URL: http://www.desanne-group.gr/

Dora In        
Company of marketing  goods and gifts with seat in Piraeus. Presentation of products. 
URL: http://www.dorain.com/

Efploia Broking & Consultancy        
Shipping company; in Piraeus. Renting of the ships for recreation, special services to the  holders of the ships and the commercial boats. 
URL: http://www.efploia-bcy.com/

Eldrima Maritime        
Shipping company; in Piraeus. Information, services. 
URL: http://www.eldrima.com/

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