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Salamina is one of the biggest islands of the Saronic group and the nearest to the continent. Although in the recent years it has not be lucky because the heavy industry has disturbed the old beauty of this island.


The first inhabitants were Fenicians from Salamis. For the Micenic Age there are rests of one Acropolis and port. In 612 B.C. The Athenians Army guided by Solon conquered the island. The Athenians built the Acropolis of Bondoron in front of Megara. And following the Pausanias' description we can know that Salamis had Agora, the ruins of the temple of Aiakos and the related mysteries, and some others Sanctuaries of Asclepius, Dionysus and Artemis. Salamis was also the birthplace of the famous tragic poet Euripides, but is famous for the battle of its own name.

On September 480 B.C. Athens was almost surrendered by the Persian Xerxes. At that moment all the Athenian fleet, 380 triremes, were concentrated on the edge of Salamis. Once the Persians conquered Athens they gathered his fleet of 400 ships in Falero, close to Piraeus, and Xerxes himself was sitting in the Aigaleon Mount to follow the battle. The Persian ships were forming a line but the lack of space avoid the possibility of being all parallel to the Attic edge, while the Athenians ships were all close to the island's edge. In that conditions the Greek could manage against the Persians. Few months later, the Greeks again defeated them in Platea and at the next year the Persian danger had disappeared.


The old strait where the battle was fought is crossed by the ferries linking Perama and Paloukia.


For the art lovers they can find rest of the Byzantine era in the convent of the Virgin Faneromeni and the remarkable frescoes in its church.


As far as swimming is concerned, the best beaches of Salamis are Resti, Iliakti, Aianteio, Perani, Kiriza, Maroudi, Peristeria, Kolones, Satirli, Piriakoni, Kanakiani.

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