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Hydra is another of the Saronic Islands and it is located between the Saronic and Argolis Gulf. Its rocky area is 50 sq. km. and its shoreline is 55 km with only a population of 3000. Besides, Hydra is famous for being the most unspoilt island due to its limited growth and besides for being the most ecological island without cars. Hydra has received a lot of famous tourists (Leonard Cohen, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Pink Floyd … ) that makes that its development hadn't been massive. Most part of tourist simply visit it in one day so the actual Hydra is very close to the one visited by Henry Miller around the World War Two.


Don't expect you are going to be alone in the touristic season…. Hydra is one of the worthiest touristic destinations in Greece. So, you have to be conscious that is better to book a hotel in advanced during the summer. On the other side, Hydra is not a cheap island but it is true that it is not so expensive as Mykonos. Anyway, once you have reached your destiny don't forget to relax, the best way is having a cup of coffee in one terrace in the port, don't be worry about the time because nobody is going to ask you to leave, and... make a bit of shopping in the back-streets!


If you dream with long sandy beaches Hydra is not really the perfect place for you. However, as you can see, there are plenty of excursions to other places of interest in the island and swimming between the rocks is another possibility. The best places for swimming are Kaminia, Molos and Vlichos at the south and Mandraki at the North.


From Piraeus Hydra has good communications. So it is easy to reach this island using the Ferry or the Flying Dolphin. Of course the Flying Dolphin is half the time, so in case that you are in a hurry it would be useful. Anyway we recommend you the other alternative, with the ferry it will take you 3 hours but the views are incredible and so relaxing that you can't be bored. This way has stops in the main Saronic Islands, Aegina, Methena or Poros, so communication between islands is possible. Also there is one day Saronic Gulf cruise that stops in Hydra.

Once you are inside the island you have to forget the usual ways of transport in favor of more antique ways, as the donkeys, that can be really useful with a heavy luggage. Another way are the original water-taxis, very useful to connect the villages of the coast.

To make some excursions from Hydra the Flying Dolphin can be useful. With them you can reach Monemvassia or continue until almost wild island of Kythera. There are Flying Dolphins to Naphlion and the beach lovers can go to the beaches of Spetses. Because the Peleponisos it is so close a lot of the traditional touristic excursions (Ancient Mycenae, Epidauros) can be made from here and also to the beaches of the continent.

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