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Last Updated on 20 September 2011


Angistri, whose name means "The Hook", it is the smallest inhabited Saronic Island. This small island is close to the big Aegina, only 30 minutes by ferry to the west of Aegina Town.


During the Peloponnesian war, it was in the Angistri area where the Athenians fought against the Corinthian fleet allied with the Aeginians. During the Independence War this island as the rest of the Saronic Island had a role-play. In this case Angistri was the main base and hiding place for the rebel Metromaras, even today you can visit his grave in the village of Mylos (often referred to as "Megalohro" - the big village).


If you have chosen Aegina to spend there some days, you shouldn't miss to visit Angistri in a go-and-return excursion.


There are good communications with Pireaus using the ferry, so a lot of people prefer to stay here and from here visit Athens. Don't worry in this island you will find all you need to survive! Inside the Island you can use one small bus between Mylos and Skala, even if you feel healthy enough you can walk.


The main port where the big ferries stops is Angisti. But this is worthy to escape to the others towns in the island. Far away from Angistri there is the agricultural village of Limineria, next to a lake of the same name. Another village that you should visit is the mountain town of Metohi. And…. don't forget that the best place for swimming is the beach at Skala.


Angistri has beautiful sandy beaches, as the famous Skala, but there are not many. There are nice places and maybe because of that it was the first island that had a nudist beach, as it has today.

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